Meet the team

Our team consists of people with a broad range of backgrounds and skillsets.
We pride ourselves in being a purpose-driven group with a deep commitment to our communities, both locally and as part of global-spanning business movement towards responsible and sustainable practices. We are based in Madrid, Spain and Copenhagen, Denmark.
Ida Speyer
Co-founder & CEO

Ida has worked in strategic marketing and business development in several countries and has demonstrated strong results in both SMEs and start-ups. Through her international experience, including China, Mexico and Switzerland, she has developed a solid understanding of global vs national trends and culture.

Ida’s educational background covers both business, language and culture from three top universities on three continents. Her main focus has been the interplay between business and culture and she has honed her leadership skills in various internships and volunteer roles before starting her professional career.

Outside of work, Ida has been involved in volunteering with digital consultancies, The Danish Chamber of Commerce and maritime farming.

Silvia Moreno
Co-founder & CTO

Silvia has a Grad degree in Biology and Doctorate in Food Sciences. She has specialized in the development of new protein-based foods and in the evaluation of their biological activities for application in the treatment and / or prevention of chronic non-hereditary diseases, related to bad eating habits.

She did her doctoral thesis in the department of Bioactivity and Analysis of Food from the Food Science Research Institute (CIAL). During this period, Silvia participated in the creation of a new line of research focused on modifying the techno-functional properties of protein foods, in order to obtain innovative products with optimal sensory characteristics.

Mathieu Meyer

Mathieu is an all-round commercial leader with 17+ years of FMCG experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings (Procter and Gamble, Kellogg, Berkshire Hathaway.) He has extensive experience in leading multifunctional organizations, customer business development, consumer -and shopper marketing across various brands and categories and has a proven track record in delivering and creating business turnarounds.

Mathieu is involved as CCO/Partner in several scale-ups, all with a sustainable angle and values aligned with his personal Mantra: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

Pedro Alvarez
Co-founder, Head of Partnerships

Pedro has been in charge of -ivoro for 20 years where he has had the opportunity to work with a large number of food companies in Spain, Canada, USA and Israel; helping them in areas such as strategy, marketing, innovation, financing, export, digital transformation, business models and mentoring.

His vision was to create the first food innovation hub in 2016 to facilitate the integration of professionals and companies with the mission of helping the food industry to accelerate innovation and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable and fair food system. Pedro is a sworn member of the EIC (European Innovation Council) and ambassador for Spain of the #EUeic acceleration program.

He has promoted the creation of tranxformafood, the first association of the foodtech ecosystem in Spain and FORK, an international organization for food designers and change makers.

Apolinar Amador
Co-founder, Head chef

Poli has been in kitchens for more than 30 years. As a disciple of Martín Berasategui, he has worked in kitchens such as El Amparo (Madrid), La Casa Real, Urrechu, and he has spent the last 20 years creating innovation and content for the food industry in -ivoro.

Poli is not a media chef, he is not to be distracted. He has a great work capacity and infinite creativity. He has developed recipe platform for most corporations within the Spanish food scene.
He knows trends well and has a great ability to create products that consumers like.

Alex García Ingrisano

Alex has 15 years of experience in start-ups and investment, working in markets within Europe (Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain) and the USA.

He has developed and sold two start-ups (dooyoo and Antioch) in the areas of consumer and eHealth. In the investment world he has specialized in transferring technological, especially in health and food. He has recently launched a start-up from DTU (Denmark).

He has been a mentor of the first foodtech acceleration program in Spain sponsored by EbroFoods and is a patent advisor for IFEMA. He won the techtour food & bioeconomy pitch competition 2020.

Jordi Ballester
Jordi Ballester Valveny

Jordi has a Grad degree in Plant Biology and a PhD in Plant Genetics. He has worked more than 20 years in the biotechnology and seed industry.

He was previously with Applus+, Nunhems and Semillas Fitó, but has since then founded the company LET IT OUT Food Creativity S.L. where he is the Managing Partner. LET IT OUT brings new vegetable and fruit concepts to society. Among other things, Jordi has created a new variety of tomato, the Monterosa Brand.

Andrea García Cardete
R&D Officer

Andrea has a Grad degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics to later specialise in Food Engineering, acquiring an educational background wide enough to cover an understanding of food systems from the nutrient level to production and final industrial transformation. During her specialisation she was granted an internship in the Food Science Research Institute (CIAL-CSIC), where she evaluated different bioactive compounds from foods to develop new alternatives for the use of antibiotics.

She also participated in 2021 in a food innovation project of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Food), being part of the team who won the 2nd prize by developing a new vegan ready-to-eat product, in collaboration with companies throughout Europe such as Puratos, Danone and OATGOODS.

Álvaro Ope Peralta

Álvaro has a grad degree in International Business that he obtained during his years in China, also gaining a lot of experience doing businesses between China and countries all around the world. His experience mostly involves sourcing, quality control and logistics.

After nine years in China, he obtained a Masters Degree in Marketing and Sales Management in Spain with his thesis focused on sustainable products. During his time at university, he was part of the Student Union, guiding new international students and joining volunteering programs to help people in need.

He has since been part of projects for companies like Kimberly-Clark, Coca-Cola, Gloria, AB Inbev, Movistar and many more.

Inclusion and diversity

Mimic Seafood has been committed to building a diverse and inclusive organisation right from the start. Our team spans multiple nationalities, backgrounds, genders and age groups – and that’s how we like it!

We have an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunities) policy to promote inclusion across all aspects of our organisation. But it’s more than a policy to us, it’s in our DNA.


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