Plant-based seafood
with natural, healthy ingredients

Cruelty free

No fish, turtles, dolphins or mermaids were hurt making our products.

Anisakis & listeria free

Free from all the harmful bacteria and parasites that can be found in conventional seafood

Natural ingredients

Only the best is good enough for us, all our ingredients are natural and high quality.


All our products are 100% vegan, no exceptions, ever.

No heavy metals

All our products are free from mercury and other heavy metals found in conventional seafood


We don’t use any GMO ingredients in our products.

Pregnancy & child safe

Our products are safe to consume for everyone.

Gluten free

Our products are free from gluten and all other common allergens.

Mimic Seafood was founded in Madrid in 2018 as a project under –ivoro Food Innovation Hub. Our mission is


to provide better food choices to consumers that save oceans

Meaning that we want to make it possible for consumers to find tasty, healthy food without having to compromise on their values.

At heart, we are a Mediterranean food company with deep roots in the local food culture, and we value our connections with local farmers and small businesses.


Mimic Seafood is making waves!

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