About us

Our mission:

To provide better food choices to consumers that save oceans


Meet our team

Our team consists of people with a broad range of backgrounds and skillsets.
We pride ourselves in being a purpose-driven group with a deep commitment to
our communities, both locally and as part of global-spanning business movement towards
responsible and sustainable practices. We are based in Madrid, Spain and Copenhagen, Denmark.

With more mouths to feed every day and a growing appetite for fish and seafood world-wide, we need to re-imagine the way we produce our food.

By creating sustainable, healthy, delicious alternatives to seafood, we can all continue to enjoy rising standards of living without causing irreversible damage to our aquatic ecosystems.

At Mimic Seafood, we have found ways to create the experience of eating fish and seafood, without actually including any animals in our products. We keep it 100% plant-based and work hard to make every step of our production as sustainable as possible. It’s good for you, good for the planet.

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