Small Business Software Providers

Software providers can help small-scale business owners when spreadsheets and documents are no longer enough to track projects, keep track of the billable hours and create customer invoices. These digital tools are centralized automation, streamlining and enhancing various business processes. They are accessible via a single platform, or a collection of programs. Some companies offer all-in-one solutions with a fixed monthly fee, while others specialize in particular areas of management for businesses, like accounting management, customer relationship management, and project management.

NetSuite is a full-featured solution that uses cloud-based technology to simplify various functions from accounting to enterprise resource management. Its customer relationship management application suite, for example allows users to calculate pricing quotes and integrate sales as well as project management. Its application allows you to track project statuses and manage resources using Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

A single solution can save money by removing the need to purchase separate tools. However, make sure the product you choose is capable of addressing the specific needs of your business. Otherwise, you’ll wind up working harder and not less.

The importance of dedicated support is another aspect to consider. Ideally service representatives that operate and communicate with clients only within the same industry develop a solid expertise and address day-today problems more efficiently.

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