Inspiring Teaching Books

These inspiring books, from nonfiction to picture books, provide new perspectives for teachers that encourage them to grow and evolve in the classroom. These books that empower teachers range from a variety of research-based teaching methods to compelling stories that celebrate teachers’ dedication and impact on their students.

In the event that they manage the daycare sandbox or lecture hall, teachers inspire their students on a daily basis. These inspiring teaching books will remind teachers of why they chose this noble profession.

This heartwarming story for children is a wonderful way to teach students the importance of perseverance and pluck. When a girl is injured by something beautiful she is reminded to embrace the possibility of failure and work through her emotions.

The book was written by AJ Juliani and John Spencer who is a teacher who employs an approach called design-thinking to foster creativity. The book shows how students can benefit from the process of brainstorming to think of new ways to solve problems even when they are unable to access resources or have limited time.

Erin Gruwell, an educator and author, worked in a high-school plagued by teenage violence and racial hatred. She was the first teacher who treated her students with respect and dignity. Her inspiring story is a great example of the effect a single teacher can have on the life of a child.

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