How Board Management Software Can Help Nonprofit Boards Work Smarter

Board management software helps nonprofit boards organize their meetings and communications processes, improve governance, and save time. Board members can securely access materials for meetings, administrators can create agendas and board packs and staff can take notes after meetings. There are a variety of options available on the market that range from basic products to enterprise solutions with features such as meeting analytics, document storage, and discussion tools. When choosing a portal it is crucial to think about the cost security, user-friendliness, and customer service.

The most sophisticated software for boards has been designed to enhance meetings and make boards work smarter. It eliminates the need for email text messages, emails and other non-structured communications by providing a central hub for all board business, and one source of truth for all meeting documents. It offers a standardized method of managing the flow of information creating an audit trail and reducing the chance for sensitive board information to be discovered by anyone who are not authorized to access the platform.

The most effective board management software will prioritize data protection and compliance with industry standards. With a myriad of news stories about hacking and data breaches, cybersecurity must be a top priority for companies. The most comprehensive boards portals unlike free systems which typically have no or very little encryption, use multiple layers of security features to mitigate risk and keep sensitive information safe. They also make it simple to manage permissions within an organization, ensuring that every person has access to information pertinent to their specific roles.

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