Dental Technologies and Innovations

From digital X-rays to 3D printing, dental technologies and innovations are making trips to the dentist faster easy, less painful and more secure. Certain of these technological advancements are utilized to diagnose, while others are designed for streamlined procedures like dental crowns and dentures.

Dental software systems, like can be used to create accuracy and consistency of patient records, as well as help with billing procedures and insurance claims. Dental technology also includes sterilization equipment made of medical grade, which lets dentists disinfect their tools and maintain a clean working environment.

Other dental technologies help patients prepare by giving them the ability to visualize the results of their treatment. For instance the SmartTek application makes use of augmented reality to overlay images of a new set of teeth on the existing set. This lets them customize their smile, including the height and spacing, to their preferences before the procedure is completed.

Robotic dentistry has also gained in popularity because it allows for a more precise procedure with a shorter recovery time. Dental lasers are becoming more precise and less invasive. This allows for greater precision in removing dental cavities or reshaping gums.

Other dental techniques are aimed at improving the quality of care, such as ceramic and tooth-colored fillings. These amalgam replacements are attractive, durable, and contain no mercury. They are also biocompatible and can aid in tissue healing and prevent secondary decay.

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