Data Rooms For Due Diligence

When most people think of data rooms for due diligence, they envision mergers and acquisitions that involve companies sharing information with other parties in a controlled manner. However due diligence data rooms can also be used by lawyers when preparing cases, or sharing information with co-counsel or opposing counsel in litigation. Investment bankers may use due diligence data rooms to safely share information during capital raising or IPO preparation with potential investors and underwriters.

When you use a virtual data room to conduct due diligence, it is important to ensure that all documents and files have been ready and uploaded ahead of inviting third parties into the portal. A preparation period can be beneficial to organize your files and upload documents in a structured way without the pressure of deadlines. After the main due diligence process has begun the granular access permissions for each user can be set for each user and access to documents and folders can be suspended or revoked at anytime.

The structure of the folders in a data room for due diligence must be organized logically, with an easily understood and concise title for each file or document. A well-organized folder structure will make it easier for users to locate the information they’re seeking. A search function is also useful for quick access to documents. Certain VDR providers like FirmRoom provide pre-made diligence folder templates that can be uploaded to create a sensible and easy directory for your users.

Virtual Data Rooms

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