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Every dating site possesses its own spin in the online dating profile style. In this series, I’ll have a look at some of the various profile platforms as well as how you’ll be able to write your absolute best profile for this certain solution. SoulGeek is actually a dating solution that caters to only those which describe by themselves as geeky.

The main human anatomy with the profile has two 600 personality boxes – someone to describe your self, an additional to spell it out the geek you dream about. I like they keep circumstances brief and sweet in the primary profile, as it simply leaves place for your geeking away later:

SoulGeek’s profile enables you to actually geek out and describe all the stuff you obsess over – whether that end up being celebrity Wars, RPGs, SCA, development, what you may like! There is a propensity to get only a little longwinded, but on a niche site as niche that one, you are among individuals who comprehend, and so I state go for it!

Any time you check off which you love SCI-FI inside passions, you’ll encounter two cartons inside profile as possible decide to complete. 1st asks exactly why you fancy sci-fi additionally the second requires one to list several of your preferred sci-fi flicks, shows, publications, writers, etc. you will get comparable cardboard boxes regarding various other geeky passions you checked down. You don’t have to fill these out! It’s all for you to decide.

One of several niftiest questions requested on the SoulGeek profile is it one:

“essentially if I maybe any figure from the realm of Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and Animation films, tv, comics, video games, literary works, etc… I would be ______________________ however in fact I’m more like _______________.”

So if you’d love to be Han Solo, but see your self more like JarJar Binks, discover the spot to confess the aspirations (along with your pity). What is amazing about that real question is that it merely will leave enough room to get title, no actual kind of description. An amazing very first contact e-mail for SoulGeek would be to ask anyone exactly why they chose those specific figures. It is a fairly low-key and easy strategy to make new friends – and that is where all great dates begin!

SoulGeek allows doing four profile images. As a matchmaking member, you truly need to have at least one genuine photograph of your self. After you have had an actual photo accepted, you can publish the avatar preference. (Non-dating people can pick to only publish an avatar with no genuine photographs.) I would recommend one close-up of the face, one full body chance, and two various other photos of your choosing – but hey, it’s a geek market web site, so why not photos of your self geeking away? (My SoulGeek – non-dating!! – profile shows myself and my Dungeons & Dragons books.)

SoulGeek takes just a little longer to approve your profile than the huge field web sites, but that’s because an actual person checks out your profile before sending it stay. SoulGeek is actually passionate about the level of customer support they give you with their people and never permit fakes, spammers, or fraudsters endure to their web site! Constantly wonderful to know that your dating internet site is wanting away for your family, isn’t really it?

Wish to know a little more about SoulGeek? Read the interview i did so along with its creator, Dino Andrade, and find out about geek love additionally the history of

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