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Board portal software enables directors to work together, improve governance practices, and reach their the goals of the organization. A properly-chosen platform can drastically enhance the way boards function. It can also cut down on manual and paper-based processes and improve meeting workflows while decreasing time and cost.

It is important to select an organization that has an excellent reputation for security and customer service when choosing the most secure board software. Verify that the vendor uses security measures like firewalls, two factor authentication and backup of data. This will safeguard sensitive information from hacking and unauthorized access. The software for the board portal must also adhere to the policies for data retention of your business and be able to transmit documents electronically.

The right board portal could be extremely effective in managing meetings and agendas. It can synchronize meetings’ dates and times with director calendars and allow them to create agendas for meetings that they own. It also has the ability to automatically create minutes of meetings and makes them available for sharing.

The most important features of a board portal are the ones that allow directors to prepare for forthcoming meetings, as well as for administrators to manage all the meetings-related tasks in one place. This includes the capability to upload and distribute meeting materials, create and share an agenda for meetings online and invites, as well as compile and publish the board book, and enable e-signature on meetings minutes. A good board management program should also be mobile-friendly, offer a simple user interface and integrate with multiple systems.

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