Board Meeting Procedures

The procedures for board meetings are the guidelines for the conduct of board meetings. They encourage fairness and equity and keep meetings on schedule. They also ensure that majority decisions are reached. This is especially important for large groups, where a small group can easily dominate the discussion and make decisions. Having a clear set of procedures helps to control the agenda of the board which is often long and complex.

The chair of the board must begin the meeting by providing an overview of the meeting’s aims and the main inputs needed as well as a outline of the agenda. The recap should last 10 minutes and helps to get everyone focused and engaged. It also sets the tone for the remainder of the board meeting.

It is a good idea to read the minutes of the meeting that you attended and distribute any reports prepared by committees or officers prior to the discussion starts. By distributing these documents in advance it will ensure that board directors are familiarized with the material and are ready to contribute effectively during discussions.

A board should have a procedure on the reading and approval minutes. This will usually include a requirement for the second of a motion. This will prevent the board from debating issues that have already been voted on and can simplify the decision-making process at the meeting.

Any board member who has a conflict of interest must reveal it to the other board members. This is essential to prevent the negative impact of a bad board member on the organization’s future. If it is necessary, a strategy to handle this individual’s behavior at the next board meeting should be devised.

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